7 Ways to Wake up With Perfect Skin

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Wake up with perfect skin
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Do you dread looking at the mirror in the morning? Some days are especially tough, but you can get perfect skin.

With a balanced skin care routine, you can keep your skin looking clear and young consistently. Here are the seven steps you should take every night to make sure you wake up with perfect skin.

1. Cleanse properly before bed

bactera growthOils build up on your face and hair throughout the day. The naturally occurring oils, combined with repeatedly touching your face, leads to ridiculous amounts of acne-causing bacteria on your skin. When you lay your unwashed face down on your pillow at night, the oils and bacteria rub off onto your pillowcase and stay there until you wash it. This causes blemishes throughout the night. This is also an important reason why you should wash your pillowcase regularly.

Washing your face at night is not easy to do on a regular basis. The number one reason people don’t wash is exhaustion. Everyone has been there. The last thing you want to do at the end of a really long day is wash your face. It just needs to be done. Your skin will thank you in the end.

2. Exfoliate

Does your skin look a bit dull? Regular exfoliation will help remove dead skin cells and brighten your complexion. Exfoliating works by mechanically or chemically agitating and removing dead skin cells. By mechanical, we mean scrubbing some type of abrasive against the skin. We recommend a gentle facial scrub with rounded beads.
Your skin exfoliates naturally. When you are younger, the process occurs about every 25 days. In your 30s, the process starts to slow down. This leads to a duller complexion.

Not everyone agrees on the best time to exfoliate. Should it be a part of your morning or night routine? Try putting it in your nighttime routine. If you don’t feel comfortable, switch it up. Everyone’s skin is different.

Always exfoliate gently. Scrubbing too hard or too often can cause more harm than good.

3. Do a face mask

Face masks are a fun and easy way to get great results. You are missing out if you aren’t doing this. Not only do you get results, it feels great.

A good face mask can help remove excess oils, hydrate skin, and improve the overall appearance of pores.

It’s like having a spa in your home.

4. Have a Backup Plan

We’ve already established the number one reason people don’t wash their face at night is exhaustion. Those exceptionally rough nights are why we always need to have a Plan B.

A good option would be to use a nightstand where you can keep face wipes, toner, or moisturizer on hand for when you are too tired for your normal washing routine.
Something is better than nothing.

5. Add a Face Oil to your night time routine

This might seem a little strange, but adding facial oil to your skin will fight oil and curb signs of aging.

You will actually look more glowing and radiant throughout the day. Oils have properties that minimize the amount of oil secretion produced by your glands. They nourish the skin all the way down to the cellular level. Many of today’s facial oils contain Omega 3, algae and retinal.

Don’t be afraid of fighting oil with oil. Oils are not greasy at all. It’s a soft non-intrusive way to cleanse your skin without aggravating it. You can be glowing not greasy.

Any dermatologist will tell you the two things you need to keep your skin looking young are oil and sunscreen. Just warm it up on your hands, then put some on your face and lips.

I dare you to try it.

6. Be consistent

The worst thing you can do is execute your routing sporadically through the week.

You will not see the results you want and you will get frustrated and eventually give up because you think “well this isn’t working, why will I waste my time… and money!”

Stick to your AM and PM skin care routine every day.

The simple art of consistency is the best secret to never looking your age.

7. Get a good night’s sleep

This may be the simplest and most impactful change you can make to see results. A good night’s sleep is so important and often taken for granted.

Your body’s cells regenerate as you sleep. If you do not allow your body to get enough sleep or fall into a deep sleep, your body will not have the time to repair itself. Not getting enough sleep actually affects the moisture levels in your skin. Making your skin look less youthful and have less of a glow.

Using a high-quality night cream with antioxidants and hydrating ingredients like Luminesce Advanced Night Repair is highly recommended.


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